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    so late august booked to fly into and out of denver.
    Plan is stay in denver for one day after arrival ( i dont like driving on other side of road in strange car after flight).
    then drive from there to rock springs - i think about 6 hours area
    then stay in jackson area for three nights for grand teton area.
    then move to west yellowstone for 2 nights for that area.
    then move to gardiner for 3 nights for top and montana
    then across to cody for a teo nights
    day in jasper then down through laramie to rocky mountain nat park area for 3 nights then down to denver and fly back

    for the way up - im wondering if its a stretch and maybe better fly to jackson from there and rent one way hire back to denver (dont get how but its the same price including the one way fee). flight is £400 for both of us so $500 area, Is it worth driving this bit knowing i hit some on way back

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    Default Pricing Things Out

    I personally would pick-up and drop-off the rental at the same location in Denver. One way rentals are never cheaper than returning to the same spot. But if you could get the one way for the same price, then all other things being equal, I'd say go for it. But all other things are not equal, You'd be out the additional £400 and spend more time in airports and on planes rather than enjoying the drive/scenery. Other than the Laramie to Denver stretch I also don't see where you'd be driving the same road twice. I assume you meant Casper rather than Jasper as there is no Jasper in Wyoming.

    One way to save on car rentals is to look for rental sites that aren't paying the exorbitant fees to have a counter inside the airport and parking on site. These are often just a few blocks from the airport and offer free shuttle service.


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    Default It's a personal thing.

    Hi and welcome back !

    Personally speaking I would just drive the round trip, you will see more on the ground but it's what suits you and how you view driving. I love to drive, for others it's more of a chore.

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    so must confess i dont mind driving but i dont like long periods. Obviously when you visit usa then you just need to else you will see nothing. Im thinking the extra cost doesnt give enough benefit so just need to organise the day with Stops and leave early as i will still be on uk time so should be easy. we arent doing that much big miles in between start and finish days. Unfortunately my wife only drives if the car is smaller and so far only if we are on a dirt road or a quiet state park. Hopefully more adventurous though this time

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    If you want a little more time to adjust your body clock you could always opt for a shorter first day, stop in Rawlins for example, but either way Jackson should be a comfortable drive over 2 days.

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