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  1. Default S CA to Wilson NC in November 2022 in our camper

    We're thinking about taking the Hwy 40 from S CA
    to Wilson NC beginning the 2 nd week in November
    We'll visit family there then head to family in FL . On the way home about the last week of January 2023 we'll take the 10 to head West to avoid bad weather especially since we're pulling a travel trailer . Any thoughts ?

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    Default The south sees bad weather too!

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    If you have anything specific you would like to know about then please ask. One thing I would point out, is that by taking I-10 west to avoid bad weather is not a certainty. It does, like everywhere, see plenty of poor weather and if it does while you are travelling they are less well equipped to deal with it. It's not to say don't take that route, just be prepared and allow extra time for your journey so that in the event of a storm you can simply pull off the highway and sit it out. It's nice to have some free time to check out places along the way anyway, rather than it being a rushed slog home. Search the forums and planning pages for ideas and as I mentioned, any questions or more details as to your plans and interests then post them up and we will try and help out.

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    Default Always Start with Basics

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I-40 to North Carolina, and I-10 back from Florida are as straightforward and as basic as it gets. The only navigating you'll have to do is from Raleigh (where you'll leave I-40) to Wilson (via I-87 and US-264), then from Wilson to wherever you're going in Florida, and finally from Florida up(?) to I-10 for the return drive. You will have to set aside a considerable amount of time for the drives, at least five days for the east-bound journey, and six (depending on how far south into Florida you're going) for the west-bound return drive. That pace will allow for a few short R&R breaks each day. Trying to make the journey in less time would be somewhere between stressful/unsafe and impossible. Beyond those basic recommendations we would need to know a bit more about your personal travel style and interests to offer more specific advice


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    To add to what AZBuck suggested, you are towing, so I'd take at least an extra day in each direction. When my husband and I owned a towed rig, we rarely did more than 450-475 miles in a day. It takes a little extra time, as you probably know, to get the rig ready for travel in the morning, and then to set it up in the evening.

    If you are interested in staying at public campgrounds and RV parks, check out these threads:

    I-40 camping

    I-10 camping

    The US Highways - just check the first forum post for the link to the US Highway number that you'd like.

    former RV'er

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