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    Hey guys, so I have to drive from DC upto Syracuse in June. This time, I am thinking of doing something different. Instead of getting on I-81 all the way, I am thinking of taking smaller roads and taking around 2-3 days time to get there. Same idea for coming back (but a different route). Any suggestions? We could always tool around, and then hustle if needed. Would be just fun to see silly things, scenic overlooks, funky museums etc. and of course, just enjoy the drive.

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    You're a man after my own heart, especially when the Interstates are also toll roads. I do this whenever i can. My first step is usually to assume that I'm driving in the early 50's when the Interstates and even most state turnpikes didn't exist. The US highway system was the driving backbone then and it's still there. For me, the main route that I'd be looking at is US-15 with alternatives US-322 and US-522, switching to state highways in New York.

    Depending where exactly you're starting from in the DC area, you'll need to find a 'local' route out of town to the northwest to avoid I-95 and Baltimore. You'll also have to decide if you'd rather drive mostly in the mountains (US-522/322), along the Susquehanna river (US-15), or some combination thereof. Another option would be to swing wide around Baltimore and head for PA-611 up through the Delaware Water Gap. And, of course, as you noted, you can take one route up and a different one back.

    With the time available to you, you'll have plenty of time for silly scenic funky sites. Two good places to start a search to see what interests you would be HERE and HERE.

    I would think that this is going to be an iterative process where you tell us if anything we tell us piques your interest or not and we respond. I hope I've given enough to get you started.


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    Well over half of my travels through North America have been just what you are planning. I'd look at a map, and then see what there was to see along the way. Somethings I'd write about, others were way before my RTA days and making notes. It is amazing what you can stumble upon along the way. I'm just sorry that so often I did not record where I was. Like the lovely little cafe in a small town, where in the back they had a gallery of arts and crafts by the locals. All for sale. Once I started recording things, I would mark them in my atlas so that I know each time I look back on my trip(s)..... and relived it. Who knows, you might find something no one here yet has.

    Another thing I often did is ask the locals. Ask them which route they would drive if they wanted a nice quiet, scenic route to whichever place, village or town you're heading. There are always people in stores, cafes, or parking lots who'd be willing to share their local area with you. I always start by asking if they are a local. Heck even if you are looking to go to a park to sit and have lunch, you meet the most amazing people.


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