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  1. Default Looking to go from Miami to DC or NYC late April, anyone going/interested?

    Hey! I have been abroad in Latin America for about a year and now I'm finally coming back to the US for a bit. Hoping to fly to Miami to visit my best friend around 18-20 of April and then drive to DC/ or NYC from there! I have friends in DC so I could just take a bus to NY from there, or go straight to NYC.
    Ideally I'd love to join someone if they already have a similar itinerary! Obviously will split gas costs.
    Oh, I'm a 23 year old female, super easy going.
    Thanks, let me know !!


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    I'd highly suggest riding Amtrak north to NYC. It also stops in Washington, D.C. You won't find me saying many nice things about I-95 and it can be wicked between Richmond through north of Baltimore. The toll road in New Jersey and tolls on bridges and roads around NYC as well. Not to mention, NYC and DC are not especially car friendly towns.

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    In DC, the Metro was a god-send for my husband and I, about 4 years ago. We noticed when we'd get into the city that lots were full and street parking almost impossible - at least during the daytimes. I'd imagine that it might be different, very early in the morning.


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    Default Tolls and I-95 would be the least of your worries.

    The first thing I would do, as a female who travels alone over long distances, is: Get a police check and show it to anyone with whom you travel, and insist that they have a police check as well. You are looking at a couple of days travel, so you will have accommodation arrangements to make. I'm not sure if I would feel comfortable making those arrangements with a total stranger, regardless of gender.

    In other words, safety is going to be your main concern, just as it was in Latin America.

    I'd second the suggestion of going by Amtrak. Probably work out cheaper, it's a comfortable ride. You have conductors coming through at regular intervals, make yourself known to them, as well as your destination. For a relatively short train trip, the seats are quite comfortable to get a good night's sleep. Food will be available along the way or you can pack your own before boarding.


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