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    Default My Heartfelt Congratulations

    Hey, everyone!

    I enjoyed watching the Live Stream, as well as the slide show. A lot of history there, great memories, and many laudable accomplishments! I'm truly sorry that I was unable to attend this one in person; Mark and Megan really do make these things fun.

    I could never say enough about all that Imbrifex and RTA have done for me. There just aren't enough superlatives in my dictionary. Twenty-six years of anything is a very long time already, but I don't see anyone slowing down just yet. Let's all raise a glass of whatever's at hand, and offer up a toast: to many more! May they all keep getting better and better!

    Rick Quinn

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    Default Rick was there too, (sorta)

    And a toast back to you!

    Rick, notice who is featured on the slide show on the TV monitors when this photo was taken?


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    Looks like a familiar old goat!

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