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    If you are going to use my original recommended route avoiding tolls and staying in Lincoln, that would be a good place to jump down to NE-2 to get over to I-29. It cuts out quite a few miles over staying on I-80 to I-29. It's 4 lane divided with grade crossings and traffic lights. Note that Pittsburgh is not along the route, but there are ample hotels along I-80 in western PA.

    If you follow my second recommendation with Michael's suggested modification, note that I-680 is now I-880.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glc View Post
    Welcome to RTA!

    Are you aware of all the toll roads? I-80/90 from Chicago east is toll, and I-90 through all of NY is toll. With a trailer, the tolls are not cheap. I would recommend the following:

    Take I-90 to I-82 to I-84 to I-80 to Omaha, then I-29 to St. Joseph, then US-36 (expressway quality) to I-72 to Champaign, then I-74 to Indianapolis, I-70 to Columbus, I-71 to I-76 through Akron, then I-80 to I-81 to Binghamton, then I-88 to Albany. Use the bypasses around the applicable cities.

    Note - you can take a shortcut at Lincoln NE - take US-77 to NE/IA-2 to I-29.

    I would plan on 6 full days with a 7th available for contingencies. You are looking at 3200 miles.
    Not sure if it is any better/easier, but you might also be able to go from I-71 to I-271 (it appears) that goes around and joins I-90 on the east side of Cleveland. From there, I-90 isn't tolled (at least I don't remember any) through the rest of OH and PA. Break off onto the newer I-86 just before the NY border and cross the lower tier of NY and you'll meet up with I-81/I-88 towards Albany as noted.

    Also a couple more "local" notes - they are currently doing some work on I-88, so you may hit several sections where it is only single lane in your direction. However, this route is usually not horribly busy, so it shouldn't have too much in the way of tie-ups from this.

    Also note that when I-88 ends (at I-90, the NYS Thruway) you are still a bit west of Albany proper, closer to Schenectady.
    You need to take the Thruway east - if you go from 25A (Which is where I-88 intersects) to Exit 24 (where the Thruway switches from I-90 to I-87, and also I-87 goes north if you are heading to the suburbs north of the city proper, while I-90 continues east through Albany itself), that used to be no toll charged. Not certain if that still works as now the Thruway is all cashless (no booths or tickets).

    If you need more specifics (not being sure if you are actually moving into Albany itself, or one of the many surrounding towns), please ask!

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