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    Thanks for this.

    We are happy to drive through the Pennsylvania Dutch area for the scenery. As you say, while the Amish are inevitably somewhat of a novelty to us as tourists, we would have no interest in stopping to take photos of/with them or anything of that sort.

    Interesting that you say Harpers Ferry is a historic destination - perhaps this is why it was suggested to us so often. If this is the case, we may consider swapping it out for something else in the Washington area.

    Rockport MA was also mentioned a couple of times, and given what you say about the I-95 situation near Mystic / Cape Cod, I believe this looks like a great alternative in a quieter area.

    I like the shape this itinerary is taking already.


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    Default In That Case....

    Since none of the suggestions for places to see on the southern half of your inland, scenic leg appeal to you, then I'd just do the northern part, the Mohawk Trail and the Delaware Water Gap and then head more-or-less directly for Washington. The distance between Stroudsburg PA and Washington is only 225 or 280 miles (more below), so eminently doable in a day while missing Washington's morning or evening rush hour (depending on whether you do this leg out of, or into, DC. The 225 miles would be if you just took the most direct route, PA-33/US-22/I-476/I-95. But that goes through a number of small to medium sized towns as well as both Philadelphia, which you can see on the other leg, and Baltimore, which you haven't expressed an interest in. The 280 miles would be if you took a more scenic route and missed Baltimore entirely, i.e. I-80/I-81/I-70/I-270.

    For my money, I'd take the longer route. At most it will add an hour to your drive, but you'd likely make up some of that by seeing less traffic (and no tolls). It would also be more scenic following, as it does, the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Also note that in Pennsylvania there are public access areas called State Game Lands that sound like they're for hunting (they are), but are actually multi-use. This one is just off I-81 northeast of Harrisburg PA. Then there's this Maryland State Park off I-70 southeast of Hagerstown MD.


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    Thanks again for these suggestions.

    We're now looking to get a US road atlas to map out the route ideas that you have suggested.

    Are there are other points you think may be of interest on/near the route discussed?


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    Default Another Thought.

    Have you thought of including Niagara Falls in your itinerary. US-2 from Albany and Niagara is a most fantastic road with lots of history. Just west of Albany you'd think you are in Europe going by the names of the places and the architecture. A really old part of upstate New York.


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    Lifey, don't you mean US-20?

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    Default I do!!

    I do! of course I do!! Memory is just not what it used to be, and could not be bothered to get out my atlas.

    Thanks for picking it up.


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