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    Default Wisconsin

    Wisconsin's fee schedule (for autos, Trucks fee schedule is based on weight).

    $34 Drivers License, valid for 8 years.

    $85 State Registration Fee per year, plus:

    City/County Wheel Tax up to $78, depending upon Locality.
    Hybrid vehicles get an additional $75 annual fee.
    Electric vehicles get an additional $100 annual fee.

    Emissions Testing is required only in the Milwaukee metro area. It is free, but the vehicle must pass before registration can be renewed. (I've got some great deals on old cars around MKE with a check engine light on....)

    When purchasing a car

    5.5% sales tax based on the purchase price, minus trade-in value.

    License Plates stay with the person, so if you have an unexpired plate and/or trading in you can transfer the plate to the new vehicle for no charge. But any car registered in the state must have a Wisconsin title and for that there is the

    $165 - Vehicle Title Fee. (was $70 prior to last fall)

    The last one is the one that really bothers me. If you buy a $1000 junker, you get to pay the exact same amount as someone who buys a $75,000 luxury car. The fee was more than doubled, along with the creation of the hybrid/electric car fees, within the past year to justify not raising the gas tax by a few cents per gallon. Not too hard to guess who controls the power of the purse in the state....

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    Default What am I missing?

    This has made most interesting reading. All the ongoing costs to keep owning a vehicle. Has lrft me wondering why I don't have any of those. Or am I missing something.... is there something I ought to be doing, that I am not doing?

    My van was bought in 2012. I paid the price of the van, which I assume included any sales tax and probably also a safety check. I paid - via the attorney - the registration, which I assume included the cost of the plates, since I got them as well. But I have not paid anythi9ng else. Certainly no yearly or other recurring costs.

    I have had to pay the atorney each year for him keeping my LLC current, and I take out any insurance which the law requires me to have each time I come over and drive the van. But as far as yearly or recurring costs as mentioned by most of the posters above, I have never paid anything like that.

    What am I missing?


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    Default Montana


    Montana has an option for permanent registration/license plates for any vehicle more than 10 years old. I presume that's what your van is covered under.

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    Lifey, Pennsylvania does not charge sales tax on vehicles purchased by out of state buyers, and does not require an inspection on vehicle sale. They only require inspections on vehicles registered in state. Montana does not have any vehicle inspection requirements. Your attorney handled the one time Montana title and registration fees, along with any taxes if there were any. Being that you have permanent plates, there are no recurring fees.

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