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    Thanks all!

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    I think Iím going to take the route AzBuck and Southwest Dave suggested. I-70 to I-15. Now looking at the first image I posted, that doesnít seem as scary as the second one so I think I can manage driving in the first scenario without freaking out. And I will expand the trip out to at least three days. Thanks for all of the advice!
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    I would like to offer an alternate to Buck's suggestion.

    Take I-80 west to York NE.
    Take US-81 south to Salina KS.
    Take I-70 west to Exit 225.
    Take KS-156 to Great Bend KS.
    Take US-56 to Kinsley KS.
    Take US-50 to Dodge City KS.
    Take US-283 to Minneola KS.
    Take US-54 to Tucumcari NM.
    Take I-40 to Barstow CA.
    Take I-15 to LA.

    This is going to take every bit of 3 full days, and I'd allow 4 to account for anything unforeseen. First overnight should be either Liberal KS or Dalhart TX and second one should be either Holbrook or Winslow AZ if everything goes well.

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    And thanks DonnaR57, Iím going to take the first route you suggested. So I-80 West to
    I-76 to I-70 to I-15 looks like the winner! So there wonít be any other higher elevations in regards to the first picture I posted? The second picture looks so scary! Also, Any other tips on actually being physically prepared to take on a three day trip? Iíve driven 10 hours straight before but then I had at least a four day break before heading back out on the road. Iím just concerned even after a 8 hour nightís rest that the following day I may be still fatigued? Or should I be okay? With rests throughout the day and a lot of tea and healthy snacks? Lol. Also, thanks for all of your time!
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    If you are going to take 80/76/70/15, plan on overnights on the west side of Denver (to avoid morning rush hour the next day) and Cedar City UT. This route is not only the shortest and fastest, but is Interstate highway all the way. You will have to deal with mountain driving west of Denver till you get to Grand Junction. There is almost no chance of snow in June.

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    I just want to make sure that when you say mountain driving, youíre stating staying low to the ground as possible right? And not high up on the actual mountains?
    Are you referring to examples 1;

    example 2?

    Or example 3? Where Iím low to
    to the ground as possible?

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    I guess Iím afraid of being high up on a mountain road with no guard rails with the potential of falling off it 😕.
    I would like to stay low to the ground as possible.

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    Interstate highways are built with shoulders and guard rails where needed, they are designed to carry a large amount of traffic as quickly as safely possible, and are multi-lane. Obey the speed limit and stay in one lane as much as possible and you will be fine.

    None of those 3 examples are Interstates, they are 2 lane mountain roads.

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    In regards to the pictures, Iím referring to the height of the mountain, not referring to the actual roads. Basically, will the interstate highway be on the actual mountain like in the above pictures? I would like to be closer on the ground.


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    Default Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill. (Excuse the pun)

    I am not trying to make light of your anxiety but honestly you will be fine on the Interstate and it won't look like the above pictures. You have to go over mountains no matter what and Interstate is the safest way to do it. It's great to prepare for a trip but don't overthink it and let it become a 'thing'!

    I’m just concerned even after a 8 hour night’s rest that the following day I may be still fatigued?
    Remain relaxed and calm and take appropriate rest breaks and you will be absolutely fine. I know it's easy to say but just enjoy the ride without fear of what's around the next corner, the only thing that will leave you fatigued is stress you put upon yourself. Yes there are mountains but you will not be anywhere close to 'hanging on to the mountain' or feeling that way. Enjoy the ride !

    Have a wonderful trip !

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