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    What I learned in creating this thread:

    * Our interstate system is more extensive than I really realized.
    * Our interstates follow a pretty strict guideline regarding their numbers, but it results in a lot of "split interstates" that are never going to be connected.
    * There are more campgrounds close to the freeway than I thought there would be.
    * Some campgrounds appear close, but the type of access road will slow down the traffic.
    * Some states have a lot of state parks and national forests; others have very few.
    * Some states put more into their state parks and recreation area websites than others.
    * Many, many state park campgrounds are available through ReserveAmerica.
    * Some national forest campgrounds can be reserved through ReserveAmerica; others are first-come, first-served.
    * Quite a few state and national campgrounds have a 25' RV limit.
    * Some state parks charge extra for non-resident campers. Camper beware!
    * Some state parks, especially those in my (now former) state (California) can cost as much as a nice spot in a commercial park.
    * There are probably many city parks with an RV area that are not listed. These are more difficult to find; inquire locally.

    I hope that the information in this thread will be helpful to those who travel Interstate Highways and wish to camp out along the way.

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    That was one heck of a lot of work! I can imagine that a LOT of folks will find this information very useful. Thanks so much for putting this together!


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    Thank you for the kudos. Yes, it was a lot of work, but a lot of fun. I actually enjoy research, and this called for paper maps and atlases, too....favorite reading material! It also showed me some places I'd like to go, and when I brought up the ideas to my husband, he was ready to start planning! Most of them will be for our retirement years, though. For instance, I'd love to take a driving trip all the way around the Great Lakes, or a trip down the Great River Road in other states besides Missouri. So everyone benefits.

    Maybe I'll do some of the more interesting US highways -- the scenic ones, perhaps. But not now, it's report card season for this teacher!


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    Thank you, I hoped it would be useful when I started the project. Let us know if you camp somewhere that's listed, and how it worked out for you.


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    Default I-70 West to East

    Public campgrounds near I-70:
    (within 20 miles, unless otherwise noted. Includes state and national parks, state and national forests)


    Goblin Valley State Park (about 30 miles from I-70, south at exit 149)

    Note from user Travelingman: Goblin Valley is a wondrous park but it is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. If all of their campsites are full when you arrive, which happened to me, there is an alternative.

    There is a large dispersed BLM camping area on Temple Mountain Road just past Goblin Valley Road. You can see it clearly on a map with satellite view. Quite a few RVs were there. I don’t recall there being anything other than a dirt parking lot but it will do if you’re self contained.

    Of course, other people were simply setting up camp by themselves in the desert, but my wife didn’t feel safe without others camping nearby.


    Highline Lake State Park, Loma, CO
    Colorado National Monument, Saddlehorn CG
    James M Robb Colorado State Park, Island Acres Section
    James M Robb Colorado State Park, Fruita Section
    Half Moon Campground, White River NF, Minturn, CO
    Note: about 16 miles, b(ut about 45 minutes, much dirt road)
    Robber's Roost, west of Lawson, CO
    Note: about 16 miles, but 35 minutes
    Bonny Lake State Wildlife Area, Hale, CO
    Note: 24.5 miles north and east of Burlington, VERY primitive campsites only


    Lake Scott State Park, north of Scott City, KS
    Note: about 35 miles south of I-70
    Sheridan State Fishing Lake, Hoxie, KS
    Note: about 30 miles northeast of Grainfield
    Cedar Bluff Reservoir, Ogallah, KS
    Wilson State Park, Wilson, KS
    Milford State Park, Junction City, KS
    Tuttle Creek State Park, Manhattan, KS
    Note: Wilson, Milford and Tuttle Creek attract Army personnel on weekends.
    Clinton State Park, Lawrence, KS


    Arrow Rock State Historic Site, Blackwater, MO
    Graham Cave State Park, New Florence, MO
    NOTE: This park requires a two-night stay on weekends, for a reservation: FRI/SAT or SAT/SUN.
    Cuivre River State Park, Troy, MO
    NOTE: This park requires a two-night stay on weekends, for a reservation: FRI/SAT or SAT/SUN. About 30 miles from I-70


    Eldon Hazlet State Recreation Area, Carlyle, IL
    Fox Ridge State Park, Charleston, IL
    Lincoln Trail State Park, Marshall IL 2 campgrounds just north of I-70


    Lieber State Recreation Area, Cloverdale, IN (western IN)
    Note: One forum user highly recommends this campground!
    Summit Lake State Park, New Castle, IN


    Buck Creek State Park, Harmony
    Barkcamp State Park, Belmont


    Note: Much of Pennsylvania's I-70 is turnpike, some shared with the I-76 designation. Any listed mileages are from the nearest exit from the turnpike. Exits are few and far between on the turnpike.
    Kooser State Park, Somerset, PA
    Laurel Hill State Park, Trent, PA
    Shawnee State Park, Bedford PA
    about 25 miles off freeway


    Gambrill State Park, Frederick, MD
    Patuxent River State Park, Brookville MD
    Patapsco State Park, western edge of Baltimore
    Note: this state park has 3 campgrounds. One is the Hollifield Area near Ellicott City. Another is the Hilton Area near Catonsville. The third is Avalon, near Halethorpe. All are on the very western edge of the Baltimore area and “the eastern end” of I-70.


    For shorter breaks along this highway check HERE.
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    Red Rock State Park in Church Rock, NM (Gallup) is also a great choice.

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    If you are traveling in an RV using Passport America can save you a lot of money. They offer 50% discounts at member RV Parks. Some of the parks offer the discount for 2-4 day stays, but we have found that many will give you the discount for as long as you wish to stay.

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