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    Hello All - I am an 18 year old from Virginia, looking to travel during June (preferably between June 2- June 15, West) and I am interested in the prospect of a driveaway car (as in a car someone needs transported but not by themself) . Is this a viable way to travel for cheap? If you have done this, how did you arrange the driveaway? Thank you!

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    Yes, delivering someone else's car for them can be a good way to make a journey at minimal cost, and some of the major players in the field even pay their drivers, but... They also have rigid requirements for their drivers, of course. That's because they're ultimately responsible for the car being transported. One of the major requirements is that the driver be at least 23 years old and have a spotless record (Auto DriveAway). Auto DriveAway is the biggest in the business, but I suspect that others also have similar requirements.

    Then there's the problem of how to get home. Driveaways are by their nature one-way trips and while you might find a car that needs to go from somewhere near where you live to somewhere near where you want to go, the odds against finding a similar serendipitous transport on the way back are pretty high. All in all, I think you'd be better off spending your limited time and resources on alternative transportation.


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    Driveaway is a way to travel for cheap, but there are a couple of problems.

    The biggest one for you that will make this virtually a non-starter is that I believe every company that does it requires drivers to be at least 21, if not 25, years old.

    There's also the issue that you do have to be very flexible if you're taking this approach - obviously your only options will depends upon what cars need to go where and when. It's entirely possible that there wouldn't be any cars available in Virginia that need to go "west" in early June - even if your age wasn't a problem.

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    Default Relocating.

    Somewhere on this site I have posted my experiences of relocating some 24 vehicles over more than 45000 miles in 2001 and 2004. These were all with Autodriveaway. In those days they had 60 offices around the country and each office would have at least half a dozen cars listed. Unfortunately most of their offices have since closed and those that are still open have very few cars listed. You may have to wait a while till one comes up for your destination. I think they require you to be 21 or 23 years old.

    There is a new relocation company on the block, you may like to look into. Make sure you read ALL the terms and conditions. I do not know of their age limitation, and have never used them. People I have met who have used them have spoken highly of them, but they were all adults. Not sure if they allow teenagers to relocate.

    The main thing you need to remember is that you cannot name the day/date. when a vehicle needs to be relocated they have a time set for it, and you better fit into that timeframe. I do know that Imoova have a list, will take your name and when a vehicle comes up closest to your date and destination, they will notify you.

    All up, I don't like your chances. For one thing, if you do not have the money to drive, you may not have the refundable deposit required when you pick up a car.


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    Imoova requires you to be 21.

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