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    Default Summer 2015 13,000 mile Round trip RoadTrip Phoenix, Arizona to Alaska by Rick Quinn

    A day-to-day accounting of this adventure with lots of cool photos can be found here.

    Days on the Road: 57
    Total Miles Traveled: 12,996
    Total Photos Taken: 9,644

    Most Expensive: Toad River, BC: $5.37 per gallon
    Least Expensive: Helena, MT*: $2.75 per gallon
    Average cost: $3.88 per gallon
    Total Cost: $2,195.24

    Lodging was by far my most significant expense. My original plan called for camping or sleeping in the vehicle two nights out of three, with a hotel every third night. That plan went into the shredder pretty quickly. The weather is partly to blame; nobody likes pitching a tent when itís raining and cold. My age was likewise a factor, much as I hate to admit it. When I was a young man in my 20ís I lived on the road for weeks at a stretch, but Iím no longer a young man, and my priorities have shifted. On those (many) nights when I opted for a hotel in lieu of a campground, my desire for a comfortable bed won out over the need to hold down my costs.

    Staying with Friends: 7 nights
    Sleeping in the Jeep: 4 nights
    Camping in Tent: 10 nights
    Hotels: 35 nights

    Camping Highest: Homer, AK: $55.90
    Camping Lowest: Yellowstone N.P.: $8.00
    Camping Average: $16.83

    Hotel Highest: Colter Bay, Grand Teton N.P.: $224.83
    Hotel Lowest: Helena, MT*: $55.00
    Hotel Average: $117.41
    Total/Total: $4,345.12

    *I thought it interesting to note that Helena, Montana had both the cheapest fuel, as well as the cheapest lodging on the entire route

    Travel Guides (The Milepost; Guide to the Alaska Highway): $45.00
    Denali Tour: $48.00
    Kenai Fjords Tour: $162.93
    Oil changes and car washes: $203.06
    Speeding Ticket (oops!): $156.00
    TOTAL: $614.99

    I spent a few hundred bucks on camping gear: tent, sleeping pad, a good raincoat, and other miscellaneous, but I still have all that stuff, so I donít consider it strictly a trip expense. I did NOT keep track of the cost of food and drink, souvenirs, gifts, or incidentals.

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    Nice summary of your mega trip. I can see why you didn't sleep in the vehicle much. Shame the weather didn't cooperate for more tent camping.

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