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    Hi gang,
    Looking for some ideas on a road trip from Kitty Hawk to Miami.
    I have 12 days so can spend a couple of days in different places along the way if suggested.
    Am travelling on the cheap this trip so value food and attractions along the way would be appreciated.
    Will be using Air BnB mostly for accomodation.
    Also have my golf clubs with me so if there’s any forum members along the way that want a game at their club that’d be great.
    What’s an Aussie to do?
    #atlanticcoast #virginiatoflorida

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    Is this the same trip where you're planning on being at the Masters on April 3rd? If so, do you need to go through Augusta on this leg of that trip? The answers to those questions will, of course, make a very large difference in what we might recommend.


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    I’m planning on being back in Augusta on April 5. Picking up another Aussie in Miami March 27 then heading to the Keys and on to New Orleans before heading back to Augusta. So I’m looking for suggestions to fill in the 12 days from the 15th -27th March. I’m currently in Charleston, heading to Kitty Hawk on Friday for a week.

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    Since you will be returning from Miami to a relatively inland site, Augusta GA, then I'd probably recommend that you stay more-or-less along the shore for your drive down to Miami. There's quite a lot along such a route and finding things to fill your time shouldn't be too big a problem.

    I'd probably start by heading south along the Outer Banks all the way to Ocracoke on NC-12. On your way south, Hatteras Light is both photogenic and you can, for a fee, climb to the top for the view. There is a free ferry operating between Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands and a memorial in Ocracoke to some British sailors killed by a German U-boat attack nearby. The ferry from Ocracoke to Cedar Island (the mainland) is not free but quite reasonable for the length of the passage. If you can, I would make reservations for that passage.

    Once on the mainland, you'll be going through Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge on NC-12 to US-70 and then NC-24 to US-17 which roughly follows the coast down to Savannah GA. Along this section there will be Fort Macon and Carolina Beach State Parks with bicycle trails, and several beach towns the most representative of which might be Myrtle Beach SC. This is a tourist town, but can also be a bit funky. Savannah GA might also pique your interest as it's a town built around seven or so large squares and is so well-known for its 'Southern Charm' that they built a TV show around it.

    Working south through Georgia, the coast becomes more swampy than sandy, a change of scenery you might appreciate, particularly Jekyll Island (Sea Turtle Center and a water park) and Cumberland Island National Seashore. And then you'd be following US-1/I-95/FL-A1A down the Florida coast where St. Augustine is one of the oldest cities in America, Daytona Beach where you can (I think still) drive on the beach), Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center. So there's quite a bit to see and quite a bit of variety as well.

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