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    Hi. We have our trip for this year already planned but are looking forward to next year (2020). We would like any advice on purchasing a Class C RV and also the best method of towing our 2018 FWD Ford Escape. There will just be the two of us - my wife and I - but we would like to cross the country in late spring and return to CA in early fall. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    One big problem you will have - you can't flat (dinghy) tow a Ford Escape unless it's an older model with a manual transmission. If you dolly tow, you can't back the rig up and will have to unhitch it to do any kind of maneuvering. Trailer towing it is just not efficient if you have to detrailer it every time you want to drive it, and a trailer adds a lot to the weight you will be towing.

    Refer to this site for dinghy towing guides:

    My suggestion is shop around for a good used Jeep Wrangler. One with a manual transmission and manual transfer case would be best.

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    Thanks glc. That looks like good advice.

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