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    Default A three week Alaska itinerary.

    Thanks again everyone. We’ve tied things down pretty nicely now and made most of the necessary bookings so we have a plan that might be helpful for anyone else embarking into the unknown. Our three week trip now looks like this:

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    Default I'll be travelling it all with you.

    Day 19 – Spare day in Homer in case flights not possible the previous day!
    If the flight was possible on day 18, and this is a free day, or if day 18 turns out to be a free day, it would be ideal to use it to take a trip to Seldovia, across the bay. It is only a half day or so all up, but well worth it. When I went the ferry left about 10am.

    On your way down to Valdez, there is a short loop off the highway which takes you through Copper Center. There was a lovely old hotel there, which burned down a year or so later. The owner said they would rebuild, but I often wonder if they really did. Don't miss out on seeing old Valdez which was destroyed by an earthquake.

    Can't wait to read the report.


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    Thanks for the tip - we'll look into it.

    Here is a link to the field report from the Thody's Alaskan Adventure!
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