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    Quote Originally Posted by Southwest Dave View Post
    I think we can safely add $50 to the total cost then ?!? ;-) Haha !
    Haha I'm not admitting to anything like that Dave. haha

    Haha. (Part of the fun is getting lost)
    It is in that you get to see a area you never planned on seeing. :-)

    Loved it ! Thanks for taking the time to share.

    It was a lot of fun and hopefully we will keep breathing long enough to do it again. Looking forward to reading your next one and also Lifey's trip she did this year. Thanks Dave

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    Default Mark sedenquist

    I would like to give a big thank you to Mark for all his help in getting this report done. For some strange reason i couldn't up load any photo's to help me with our adventure. I had to get Mark to do it all for me. A folder of pics at a time. Thanks Mark.

    Also thanks to the other advisors on here for all there advice over the years. So much stuff we remembered when it was needed. Some simple things like driving to the end of road at Bryce Canyon and then looking at everything on the way back. Driving down the coast of California so all the turnouts are on your side of the road.

    Been a pleasure. Thank you. Keithg.

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    Your report was very nicely done, Keith; your enthusiasm is contagious! This tale of your travels has already garnered thousands of views, and your report will be archived in this forum for years to come, providing advice, inspiration (and entertainment!) to one heck of a lot of would-be road trippers who will be eager to follow in your footsteps. Bravo--and many thanks for giving us all the opportunity to ride along!


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    Default steak on the barbie -- always!

    Keith and Margaret,

    It was a pleasure to meet you IRL!

    There will always be a steak on the grill here a-waiting your arrival.

    I have copied the costs posts and put them in the Trip Cost Research Forum.

    Thanks again for a wonderful field report!

    And we are working on a better solution for the photo sharing utility -- so that all members will have more flexibility and better, up-to-date editing tools.


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