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  1. Default Seeking Driver to Move our Car from Vermont to Idaho ASAP this Summer! :)


    I've done many roadtrips. And now I'm moving to Idaho from Vermont currently. And we are looking for someone to drive the Subaru Outback from southern Vermont to central Idaho or Spokane or Missoula ASAP this summer season now. The car is fairly new and very nice to drive, and would be packed, except for the two front seats!
    We are looking forward to hearing from you. Yay!


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    Default Consider using a car relocation service

    Hello, and welcome to the RTA Forum!

    In all honesty, if you're looking to have your car driven from a specific point A to even a general point B, and you need it done quickly, your only realistic option would be to contact one of the established Drive-away companies. That's their business, after all, and they handle the logistics, the insurance, and vetting of the the drivers. Trusting something as valuable as a vehicle to a random stranger solicited on an internet forum is quite a leap of faith.

    The drive-away company option isn't free. It's not as expensive as having your vehicle shipped by truck, but it's not cheap, either. If you'd prefer trusting your luck, there are other internet forums that specialize in "ride sharing;" we really don't do much of that sort of thing here. Another option might be to post a notice on community bulletin boards--either virtual, as in websites, or actual physical bulletin boards, as in student unions, at nearby colleges or universities.

    Good luck!


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    Default agreed

    I'm in full agreement with Rick, while just finding someone to move your car sounds like a simple enough idea, doing it on your own really comes with a ton of risk.

    What if the person who agrees to drive your car just never bothers to show up in Idaho? Not only are you out a car and all of your stuff, but the thief will have had a good week head start before the police would even be alerted to the theft.

    What if the person crashes the car? Is your insurance going to pay for it, is the other persons? What if the driver gets into a crash and seriously injures another person - do you have enough insurance to protect yourself if that injured person decided to come after your assets?

    And Honestly, there are some risks for the driver too. How would the driver know for sure that there isn't anything among the cargo you've packed that's not illegal? I sure wouldn't want to be pulled over, have the cops discover that there are a bunch of drugs, guns, stolen property, etc among the items packed - and then try to get them to believe, "I was just driving it for some guy I met online!"

    I have moved your post to the "share the gas" section of the forum, where it is much more likely to be seen by someone who would be interested, if you decide to move forward with this plan, but to me, this really is a case where having a professional 3rd party really is essential for everyone involved.

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    Default Think again.

    As a driver who has relocated many vehicles for a relocation company, I can only echo what has already been said. This is not something to be organised by an amateur. There are companies which organise all this, and have strict guidelines for both the owner and the driver. They also have the authority to take fingerprints of the potential driver, as well as copies of essential documents. As an individual you do not have these authorities/safeguards. The driver pays a refundable deposit. Do you have the authority to enforce any of these safety factors. The companies also have their insurance which covers both owner and driver in case of a mishap.

    The money is well worth paying to have a company such as Autodriveaway organise this for you. Often the owners would give a generous tip on the arrival of their vehicle.

    If you are packing it, except for the front seats, where will the driver, and possible companion put their luggage? Autodriveaway would not allow the car to be packed... only the boot.

    There is a page on this site with a lot more detail.


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