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    I知 going to New York with my boyfriend and he wants to go from New York to Las Vegas , we値l be visiting family for 1 week and we only have 1 week to hit the road. It would be our first time doing a road trip in the US. How long is this drive? Is it doable ? We池e planning this road trip from April 2-9 2018. Any suggestions ?
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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    If I am reading this correctly, that you have 1 week/8 days to drive from NY to LV and it's just one way, then yes it is doable. The drive is just over 2500 miles and would require 5 days of driving with time for some short rest breaks through the day. So that will leave you with 2 to 3 days to do a little sight seeing. How you break that down will require a little research on your behalf to determine what interests you and what works best for you. So you could reduce the miles you travel each day equally and have a little more R&R on route, or you could decide to spend a full day 'here and there' to break the journey, somewhere like the Grand canyon for example. Now, if your time includes days spent in Vegas, (rather than just getting there) you are down to the bare bones with time and you would have to ask yourself if the drive is worth the pay out of a couple of days in LV. Your other option would be to fly out west and do a mini road trip from Vegas and check out some of the surrounding areas.

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