Some of you may have noticed a new field appearing on your Maps dashboard. "RTA Maps Library" now has one map in it. And when you do a search for routes and RTA Road Trip Attractions (RA's) the search results are begining to mention "X maps found."

Starting in February, we expect to post about 50 such brand new RTA Library Maps. These will be routes that have long been favorite road trip routes by RTA Contributing Writers or they will be scenic drives related to a brand new book being published by Imbrifex Books in April. More about RoadTrip America's Arizona & New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips by Rick Quinn can be found here.

Once in the RTA Maps Library, anyone can download the Library Map into their own RTA Custom Maps account and then customize and re-save it as their own map.

More information about this release will be posted on this site in February.

Exciting stuff.