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  1. Default San Diego to Vancouver...any advice?

    Hi everybody,

    We are from South Africa and are planning to visit the US the end of this year. It will be our first trip to your big country and we want to make it memorable with a decent road trip.

    We are starting to plan a road trip running from Dec to Jan. Starting in San Diego and ending in Vancouver. This is all new to us so I have a couple questions and would appreciate some advice on possible pitt falls.

    I suppose my two first questions would be:
    1. What to expect from the weather during this trip? Would there be any safety concerns?
    2. Which RV rental companies should I consider? Looking at our budget we are looking for something that is value for money and comfortable.

    Thank you,

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    Welcome to RTA!

    During that time frame, I would completely re-think the idea of renting an RV. They are not very well insulated, which can cause you to be quite cold in places along the trip. (They DO get winter in northern California, Oregon, Washington and into British Columbia.) This could also mean that you will have to keep the rig winterized, meaning no water, no toilets. Finally, renting a rig one way and trying to drop it off in another country (Canada) will be either impossible or extremely expensive. So for value and comfort, you might want to stick with motels.

    As far as weather is concerned -- it's way too early to predict. Where did you intend to stop along the way? If planning to go to some of our beautiful national parks, bear in mind that they could be in winter mode, which means some closed roads and services. The coastal road could be a bit windy but quite beautiful, maybe a cold biting wind however.


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