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    Hello everyone.
    my husband and i are trying to figure out whats the best route to take and how long it will take us. we need to be in denver september 23, and will probably want to be in yosemite until about september 21. how difficult will it be to do in 2 days? considering that we are on vacation and do want to enjoy our time and not spend it driving all the time... would also love to hear about nice stops along the way to relax/hike/camp/eat/sleep/any suggestion you have really. i'd like to point out that we will hit vegas at a later stage in our trip so it doesnt have to be a stop unless its somehow faster :).
    thank you very much!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    At almost 1000 miles, this is a 2-day drive via the most direct routes: That would be crossing the park on Tioga Pass Road (assuming that it's still open), a short stint on US-395 south, CA-120 to Benton, then US-6 through Nevada to Ely, where you'd pick up US-50 and take that across the rest of Nevada and into Utah. Continue on US-50 as it hooks up with I-15 north for a short spell, pick it up again east until you get to I-70.

    This is the most direct, but because much of it is on 2-lane highways, you will take 2 full days. Should Tioga Pass Road be closed, you are then better off heading west to CA-99, take that south to Bakersfield, then catch CA-58 over to I-15, and go north until you get to I-70, and take that east into Denver. This will be *almost* completely freeway, or at least freeway-quality, though it's closer to 1250 miles. You *could* do this in 2 very, very long days of 625 miles each, but it isn't recommended. You could leave Sept. 21st and get into Denver before noon on the 23rd, taking 525 mile days and another one of about 200 miles.

    As far as sightseeing goes -- most of US-50 from Ely to I-70 is beautiful scenery out the windshield. If you are going to drive it in 2 days, you really don't have time for long stops. All of I-70 is gorgeous, from the time you get on it all the way into Denver. The area of Glenwood Springs through Vail has lots of rest areas, and you may want to take advantage of them because they are all different and nestled into the area, scenic in their own right.


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    Default If you can find more time, I would.

    Its difficult to give meaningful advice when we can only see a small part of the big picture but yes you could do it in 2 days, but not if you want to relax and hike, even camping will make it more difficult, but you will be able to eat and sleep. :-) If you leave early on the 21st and don't have to arrive until late on the 23rd then you will have some time for brief stops but not nearly enough for this beautiful journey that is full of National parks, scenic by-ways and natural beauty.

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