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    We are planning on taking turns driving up to Canada from FL. Should take us about 2 days or so (GoogleMaps suggests it will take 26 hours give or take). We figured we will take I95 all the way up, but would like to avoid big cities, or other perilous areas since we will be in an older RV.

    Suggestions? Thanks!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Um, "Florida" is a big state and "Canada" is one of the biggest countries in the world, so to it's kind of impossible for us to give you any specific route advice without some much more specific information.

    We can say that the travel time estimates provided by google or any other online mapping program are total fantasy, and assume that you're traveling at or above the speed limit for every minute of the day. If you are seeing 26 hours on Google (again, we have not idea where you're actually going), it is safe to assume you're going to need at least 3 days to safely make this trip, especially in an older RV, and even more if you are talking about I-95. "Take Turns" does not mean you can drive non-stop, or even significantly more hours in a day, because you can't get proper rest in a moving car (and you still need to be buckled in, so going into one of the RVs beds is not an option).

    I-95 is the most congested traffic corridor in North America, taking you right through the biggest cities in the US, so if you want to avoid big cities, then you couldn't chose a worse highway, but again, until we know where it is you are actually going, we can't really offer any alternates.

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