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    Default Seattle-SW USA Loop

    Hello all,

    Planning a road trip for mid-June w/the wife leaving from Seattle(Tacoma to be more specific). Here is what I was thinking for the driving portion:

    I am looking for feedback on most scenic routes, and stops along the way I absolutely MUST see.

    Day 1: Tacoma to SLC via I-90/WA-26/US95 in ID, and I-84 in ID down to I-15 in UT.(I know you will tell me its unsafe. I know I can do it)
    Day 2: SLC to Arches NP
    Day 3: Moab, UT to Canyonlands NP
    Day 4: Moab, UT to Grand Canyon via Monument Valley
    Day 5: Grand Canyon hiking
    Day 6: Flagstaff, AZ to Vegas or Death Valley
    Day 7: Somewhere along US 395 to Reno NV
    Day 8: Reno, NV to Tacoma, WA via US 395

    I have an idea of where we will stop each night, and I have pretty much no limit on the amount of hours I can drive each day. (I drove 18.5 hrs straight from LA to Tacoma, WA last summer).

    We prefer to stay OFF the interstate as much as possible for this whole trip, as we prefer the sights on the US/White Shield highways and state highways.

    Any advice on stops/places we will love to see, and most scenic routes is appreciated. We love hiking and seeing as much nature as possible.

    Thank you.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    When you start by saying you know that you are going to make a drive that is unsafe and endangers the lives of everyone else on the road - and you later brag about how you previously made an equally dangerous drive - I'm really not quite sure why you came here for advice.

    If you don't believe us on the important stuff, why would you believe us on anything else? For that matter, when you tell people you are going to knowingly endanger their lives, why would you think they would be interested in helping you?

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    Midwest Michael,

    Just looking for any advice on most scenic routes, and good ideas for things we must see. I do apologize for coming off braggy, I wasn't trying have this post turn into a thread about how its unsafe. The focus I was looking for was my questions above.


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    It's not a matter of "braggy" - it's about being concerned about the other people whose lives will be put endanger by you and your plan.

    What you've posted really is no different than saying "I plan to drive drunk, I don't believe I have an upper limit on how much I can drink and still be a safe driver, and to prove it, last summer, I drank a bottle of vodka and drove home without crashing, so I know I can drive drunk safely."

    Driving fatigued is every bit as dangerous as driving drunk, and EVERYONE is affected by it, no matter how special you think you may be. It's simply a fact of how the human body works.

    So, we certainly can't stop you from carrying out a drive that can only be described as reckless, but then asking us for help and wanting us just to ignore all of the other people who you will be putting in harms way, is a whole lot like asking us to hand the keys over to a drunk driver.

    And again, if you don't believe us about that, then I don't know why you would believe us when it comes to the relatively minor details like scenic routes or good ideas for things to see.

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