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    Default Sleep and Safe Driving

    We've said it before, and we've said it often. Drowsy driving is every bit as dangerous as drunk driving. There is now a study showing exactly how dangerous and the numbers are, frankly, staggering. Even missing a couple of hours sleep the night before a drive DOUBLES your likelihood of being involved in (causing!) an accident. Missing three hours of sleep QUADRUPLES your chances, and driving on less than four hours of sleep means that you raise your risk of crashing by TWELVE FOLD!!!

    Such numbers are especially disturbing when you consider how often people lose sleep the night before starting a major RoadTrip either because they are making last minute arrangements, packing the car, or simply too excited to get to sleep at their normal bedtime and/or get up with less than their normal quota of sleep the next morning to get an 'early start'.

    And of course, it's not just lack of sleep the night before that causes drowsiness. Trying to drive 600, 700, 800 miles or more just because some unrealistic mapping routine 'says' you can also leads to the exact same result, namely trying to operate a lethal machine without anywhere near the mental alertness or physical responsiveness that are absolutely required.

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    Default Great information.

    Thanks Buck. Brilliant article from a most reliable source. Not that I did not know.

    Now, to get every driver to read it, and take note.

    During my last trip there was a traumatic period early on in the trip, and I was pulled over for not staying in my lane. The siren behind me made me jump.


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    Great article. Thanks for sharing such a great information with us.

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