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    Default and new version of IMBRIFEX BOOKS

    If you think you might enjoy taking a hike or walk anywhere in the American southwest, we have a brand new web resource for you. BASECAMPGUIDES.COM was launched at about 4:15 pm PST today.

    There are certain cities in the United States where hikers can enjoy solitude and unspoiled wilderness by day and world-class urban amenities by night. Base Camp Guides is the home base for the books that Imbrifex Books will publish about these Base Camp cities. Base Camp Las Vegas: 101 Hikes in the Southwest, by Deborah Wall, is the first in the series, publishing in August 2017. Base Camp Phoenix: 101 Hikes in the Grand Canyon State, also written by Deborah Wall is scheduled for publication in September, 2018.

    A brand new version of IMBRIFEX BOOKS web site also launched this afternoon. We invite you stop by and see what the book publishing side of RoadTrip America is up to these days!


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    It is a great resource. I really like your sharing. Thanks

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