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  1. Default Portland to Chicago - Early November 2016

    Hey guys, I've been living in Seattle for 30 years now and I'm planning to make a new start in Chicago. The subaru is fully serviced, and I'm planning to start in Portland November 2nd and I have to end up in Chicago eventually. The one stop I do have to make is Spokane, WA to visit some friends. I'd like to make the trip over a period of 8-10 days,

    I guess I should add some details on what I enjoy so you all can make recommendations. I love photography (November colors?) and I enjoy eating food, especially if its something unique that I can't get anywhere else.

    Stuff I plan on bringing so far
    - clothing, jackets, shoes, etc
    - hygiene and personal stuff
    - a small set of tools and lift, flashlight
    - first aid kit
    - extra keys
    - pillow/blankets
    - snacks
    - a guitar
    - camera, batteries, memory cards, tripod, filters.
    If there is anything else I'm missing for a trip on November, I'd love to hear what you have to say.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    By early November, falls colors are usually well past peak, although in some areas it's been such a warm fall that you should still see some color. Of course, early November is also late enough where you can't rule out the chance of an early season snowstorm, so you should at least be aware of that possibility.

    In terms of your packing list, you seem to have pretty much everything covered. The only one big thing you didn't include on your list is a good maps or an atlas - essential tools while on the road, and still needed even with a gps.

    By early november, most of Yellowstone is closed off to cars, but you could consider making a trip into the northern section of the park that is open year round. You'll also have lots of possibilities for photography as you get into the Black Hills and Badlands.

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