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  1. Default First Road Trip from Dallas, TX to Vancouver, BC Canada

    Hey guys! First post here, and I am planning my first road trip with my parents.

    They have placed all the planning for sight-seeing and road-tripping destinations on me, so I have decided to rely on these forums to help me out! So, a vague run-down of our route:

    Dallas, TX -> New Mexico -> Arizona -> California -> Oregon -> Washington -> Vancouver, BC in Canada

    Do you guys have any suggestions for sight-seeing destinations and meaningful locations along this route in these states?

    I believe this trip will be 2 weeks long, but maybe less.


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    Default You Must Have Something in Mind

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I'll start the discussion by noting that your proposed (very general) route is already 500 miles of so longer than it needs to be. The more direct route would be up through Denver, Salt Lake City and Boise. So presumably there is some reason that you are choosing to go 'the long way around' and it would help people immensely to know what your thinking is in choosing the route you have. That in turn will give them some idea as to the nature of your trip and the types of places, attractions, and roads you'd like to include in your itinerary. The other thing that would be of immediate concern is whether this is a one way or round trip. I also suspect that you'd like to schedule at least one or two stops for the fossils, errr- parents. If you've read many of the responses other posters have gotten, you'll know that we don't 'do', or even believe in generic 'best' routes or attractions, and that the more you can share of your own ideas and interests the better we'll be able to help you.


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    As Buck said, you need to share your thoughts for us to be able to help, you could spend a month in any one of those States and not be able to cover all the wonderful locations they offer. Not only are you adding a lot of miles going the long way round you are skipping some amazing sites in Colorado and Southern Utah, but that's not to say there aren't plenty following your [vague] direction. You will find lots of info searching through the RTA site and studying a good map, once you have a few markers on it we can help fill in the blanks and fine tune your trip.

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