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    Default Limit what you take.

    I'd have to agree with Donna. Get each girl a small bag, and tell them that it is all they can take inside at any given stop. Why should you be doing it when both your girls are old enough to do their own. My five children always had a small container each in which they had to fit everything they wanted to bring on even a fortnights holiday. Makes life so much easier.


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    thats a good idea.
    I will have to see how to do it, as we are flying in from Germany, with some luggages.

    We are so excited.

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    ok changed route could look like this.

    18-21 LA (3 nights)
    21-23 Grand Canyon (2nights)
    23-24 Death Valley (1night) Amargosa Valley
    24-26 Yosemite (2nights) - not sure where to stay though
    26-28 San Fran (2nights)
    28-29 Pismo Beach (1night)
    29-1 San Diego (3nights)

    Does this look better? Is the road fromAmargosa to Yose 8 hrs? Where to stay in Yosemite (Oakhurst?)

    Thanks soooooo much for all your input

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    Many people find that staying in the park itself -- Wawona Hotel, Yosemite Lodge, the Ahwanee -- are all part of the experience. However, they do require that you part with quite a bit of $$. Staying outside the park means you have to spend a little more on gasoline to get to the Valley. Oakhurst is south of the park, Midpines and El Portal are just outside of the park on the west. Years and years ago we were camping in Yosemite and had to leave quickly to beat out a blizzard, and stayed in Oakhurst. It was a bit of a drive from Wawona Campground, where we were staying (not far from Wawona Hotel), maybe 20 miles or so.


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    I would agree that staying within Yosemite is the best option, if you can make it work. You're looking at about 45 minutes of driving from most places outside the park (Oakhurst, Mariposa, etc) into the Valley.

    If you're going to do San Diego now, then I would do that at the start of your trip. SD is far enough east that it is still possible to get from there to the Grand Canyon in a day. If you did it at the end of the trip, you'd have to drive all the way back through the LA sprawl to get there.

    An alternative idea would be to spread those 3 days out throughout the rest of your trip, which should really ease any concerns you have about being too rushed. Perhaps add another day or two along the coast - a night in Monterey (the Aquarium I suspect would be a fun stop for your family), for example - and maybe another day in SF.

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    Yes it seems more expensive and I don't have to pay for fuel. So driving or paying for that is not a Problem. :-)
    We are on a Budget so Yosemite itself might work out too expensive for me, it seems more expensive then LA.
    Does this mean you don't recomend Oakhurst? ElPortal sounds good.
    Mariposa is too far then i guess, or ? Prices seem to be good around there

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    Default Yosemite Bug. [?]

    Mariposa is not too bad for location but El Portal is closer to the valley. If you don't mind 'rustic charm' then the Yosemite Bug in Midpines is in a good location and gets good reviews and is reasonably priced. Oakhurst has a good variety of lodgings but is about 90 mins from Yosemite Valley

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    Yosemite Bug seems booked up already.
    Found something at the Best Western Plus Yosemite Way Station Mariposa. Is that ok too?

    I think youre right re San Diego too. might spend it along the route travelling down from San Fran.

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    I've stayed at the Cedar Lodge in El Portal. It's convenient, but rooms are over $100 a night.

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    I've stayed in Mariposa - I think it might have even been the Best Western, although it was about 10 years ago. It's not bad, again, you just have to factor the drive time into the equation, as it's about 45 minutes to get from the hotel to the heart on the park. On a positive note, it is a very pretty drive.

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