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    any idea of the model?

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    Why not contact the office where you saw this. Drop them an email, or call them. If you have Skype you can usually do this via a free call number, or to a normal number for very little. I make dozens of international calls and usually can talk for an hour for not much more than a couple of A$.


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    I'm not really sure what you're expecting - None of the major car rental companies will promise a specific model on standard rental. That's exactly why the "or similar" language is in there. On the convertibles, the Mustang generally is the most popular model in rental car fleets, but the Chrysler 200 or Chevy Camaro are also mixed in there. If you want any better information, you'll have to contact the rental location directly.

    If you want a specific model, then most rental car companies - including Avis - do offer specialty car rentals where you can reserve a specific model. However, there is usually a significant extra charge to go that route.

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    Be aware that the trunk (boot) space in a convertible is often smaller than your average sedan. The backseat is also a wee bit tight in some cases, too. So storage space for suitcases and coolers is at a premium. I also noticed that the price of rental is a lot higher, too, when I was looking for a vehicle to rent last summer. (We were looking for a 7-passenger, but the list of vehicles came up first on all of the websites that I checked.)


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    Rental Mustang and Camaro convertibles are usually base models with V-6 engines and automatic transmissions. You aren't going to find a GT or SS in standard rental fleets.

    Lifey, I think you meant Camaro, not Corvette.

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    Assuming I drive up the 395 from Death Valley, which road would you suggest is the best to get across Yosemite - 120? 108? 4? or 88?

    Depending on the best one will determined where about i'll stay over night.

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    Default Tioga Pass.

    CA120 is the direct entry road to Yosemite NP from the east, once you have entered the park it is known as Tioga Pass. It's a spectacular drive and you should allow a little time to get out at some high points of the park such as Tuolumne Meadows and Tenaya lake

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    Thanks Dave. Rand McNally Atlas turned up this morning so will be selecting route and booking accommodation in the next couple of weeks so that really helps

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    So flights booked (July 1st - 24th).

    Route planned and now beginning to book accommodation. The road atlas advice was much appreciated - it has been very useful.

    1st-3rd Stay with Friends near LA

    4th - Drive to Sedona

    5th - Sedona/Winslow

    6th - Drive to Monument Valley via 4 corners monument

    7th - Monument Vally am - Drive to Grand Canyon pm

    8th - Grand Canyon

    9th - Route 66 and Hoover Dam on way to Las Vegas

    10th - Vegas

    11th - Vegas

    12th - Death Valley

    13th - Drive to Mammoth Lakes

    14th - Yosemite

    15th - Am Yosemite, PM drive to San Francisco

    16th - San Francisco

    17th - San Francisco

    18th - Highway 1 to Monteray

    19th - AM Pebble Beach Golf (hopefully) then drive to Pismo beach area Highway 1

    20th - Pismo to LA

    21st - 24th with friends near LA

    I realise there are a few long drives in there and may have crammed a lot in.


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    Default Looking good.

    Looks quite reasonable to me. You sure have put a lot into the limited time you have. I think you will enjoy it very much.

    Did you manage to get accommodation within the national parks?


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