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    We are taking a trip to Long Island and are interested in knowing if anyone has a good route for getting there via the south Atlantic coast. We have never seen the southern US and would like to enjoy the trip to the fullest. We won't be able to stay anywhere longer than overnight, but I am proposing that the trip should take 3-4 days and a few good stops should make it a good journey.

    Thanks for your advice.

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    It will already take you more than three days to get to Long Island from Denver even if you just stick to the most direct all-Interstate route, basically I-80. Even if you 'detoured' only as far south as Maryland (hardly "the southern US") and drove up the coast from there, it would take you four days with no stops of any meaningful duration. It's probably better that you just look for a couple of places a few places along I-80 where you'd like to spend a couple of hours and enjoy your trip rather than trying to do the impossible.


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    Default Computer time vs real time.

    No doubt you checked this out and figured it would be the 27hrs Mr Google can do it in. But you have to make allowance for the fact that Mr Google never sees a red light, never needs to slow down for an intersection or congestion. Never travels on roads with construction, nor ever comes to a stop because of an acc9ident up ahead.

    Furthermore Mr Google does not need to eat or fuel up the car. Nor does it ever have to stop in a rest area for the comfort of the passengers. Mr Google's times, and that of all other mapping programs, is pure fantasy and best ignored.

    Figure that 600 miles a day is a hard day's driving with little time to stop for enjoyment. 500 gives some time to enjoy a few spots and 400 miles a day allows time to actually stop and explore an area. Another rule of thumb is that every hour on the road will see you average 55 miles. Those are realistic measures to keep in mind when planning a road trip.


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    Besides what Lifey said - I doubt you'll be making 55 mph across NYC.

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