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    Default Planning a trip Montreal to Washington d.c., need advice for stops on the way...

    Hi All, we are planing a family trip to Washington d.c. (will stay in Arlington VA). We plan to leave after the 4th of July week-end.
    We are 2 adults and 1 boy (10 yo). Since its a long drive to do in one shot (10 hours drive, we did Boston two years ago and it was clearly the limit). I need advice on place to stop and stay for one night on both way of our round trip. Kid likes interactive activities, arcades etc... Wife likes shopping... and I like my wife and kids so if they are happy I'll be too ;-)

    1st thought is to stop somewhere near Philadelphia or Wildwood on the way to Washington and make a stop somewhere in NH (near by outlets...) All suggestions are welcome...

    Recommendations on place to eat on the way are also welcome...

    I also would appreciate route advice, I want to avoid toll road and wouldn't mind add mileage and time to take some scenic route...



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    Default Some Recommendations for You

    Bienvenue sur les forums de RoadTrip Amérique. Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    First off, congratulations on taking the happiness of your wife and children into account in your planning. As the saying goes: "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." And actually my first recommendation to you is to not go through either Philadelphia or New Hampshire. Going through any large city will simply add to your headaches as the driver and your wife's as the navigator, and going through New Hampshire would pretty much mean that you'd have to come through the worst of them - New York City. Instead, I'd suggest that you take Autoroute 15 down to the border (schedule 1½-2 hours for the crossing and maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised) and then I-87 to Albany NY. There get on I-88 to Binghamton NY and I-81 all the way to Hagerstown MD (to avoid Baltimore) and then enter the Washington area on I-70/I-270 from the west. That is, by and large, a fairly scenic drive with a few things to do and see along the way, you don't pay a big penalty in miles, and indeed will save a fair bit of money on tolls.

    Along or not too far off that route, sites your family might enjoy would include Fort Ticonderoga, the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY, The Crossings outside Scranton (going there via I-380 and using I-80 back to I-81 would actually help you avoid some construction on I-81 through Scranton), and both Gettysburg and Antietem Battlefields. Midway would be in the Albany to Binghamton area, depending on how long it takes you to cross the border.


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    Thanks AZBuck,

    I'll definitely consider your wisdom advice and avoid the mess of NYC traffic...
    I'll have a look at you suggested POI.


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    Your 10 year old may have a suggestion, or could perhaps do a little research to choose among Buck's suggestions (or come up with his own).


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    Hershey may be a good place to stop, it is more than halfway but has attractions for all ages and an outlet mall.

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    Default Wow!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by philguenette View Post
    ... and I like my wife and kids so if they are happy I'll be too ;-)
    What a great attitude with which to start a roadtrip. Enjoy!


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    Thank you all for your comments and advices...

    Yes Donna, Our son is active in the prep for this road trip... In fact he's the one suggesting Washington for our summer vacation.

    Thanks again,


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