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  1. Default First winter/drive possibly in snow Miami to Dallas

    Hi road trippers,
    I am planning to do a road trip from Miami to Dallas this Christmas. NEVER driven in snow. I saw snow in Swiss in those eternal snow in the Alps only. I am going with a new Odyssey and 2 kids! Want to travel for 3 days.
    I need tips where to stop, what to see, what to take, anything t will be helpful.
    Thank you all.....

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum.

    The odds of seeing snow between Miami and Dallas are pretty small. It's certainly not impossible, as Dallas gets snow and ice from time to time, but it is also a rare enough event that I really wouldn't worry about it.

    3 Days is enough time to comfortably make this trip, and have time for a few short stops along the way. I'd start by checking out the RTA Map Center which has lots of ideas for things to do right along your route. If you're looking to make this 3 evenly spaced days, then Tallahassee and Jackson, MS would be good choices, although you've got a few other route options, depending upon what you'd like to see and do.

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    Default Keep It Simple and Flexible

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    While not exactly zero, your chances of seeing significant snow on a drive from Miami to Dallas are, let's just say, pretty slim. So as with any other endeavor, you should plan for the conditions that are 90+% likely to occur. That means sunny and cool. As long as you have a fall back plan for the unlikely event of true winter weather you'll be fine. And the best plan in such a case is simply don't drive if the conditions are beyond your comfort level. At absolute worst, you might have to sit out a day, but even then you'd still have time to finish your trip. You'll know whether the weather will cooperate or work against you a day or two before departure - plenty of time to adjust to bad conditions - again only in the unlikely event that they occur.

    So... What to do in the far more probable case that the weather will be nice? You've got almost a whole day to 'play' with. That's not enough for more than even a single 'major' attraction. so the first task is to decide what you'd like to see along the way. Keeping to a more or less direct route so that you're not wasting a lot of time on detours, some nice, unique, low-key highlights would be Devil's Millhopper State Park north of Gainesville FL, Mississippi Petrified Forest in Flora MS, and Gibbsland LA (where Bonnie and Clyde were gunned down.) Those would make for a decent time-out each day, and if you have to forego them due to weather you can do so without feeling like your whole trip was ruined.


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    Thank you guys, I am very excited about this trip. I will sure have a backup plan for the weather.
    RTA map tip is nice, definely will try.
    the Bonnie and Clyde spot should be nice, don't know if the kids would like though!
    Please keep send tips, I really appreciate it, also I am going for a FAMILY TRIP, so family friendly places are much welcome!
    ohhhh almost forgot, can you tell me what road trip apps are good and must have ?

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    Smartphone apps?

    Gas Buddy,, Travelocity come to mind first. Most important, PAPER maps, do not depend solely on a GPS.

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