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    Default Even if you don't have time to go there....

    If it's any consolation, I have always felt that Mt Rushmore is far better seen from a distance, than close up. Though the displays they have there are very interesting, especially that which shows how so much of it was done.

    You can see it from a couple of roads in the area.


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    I know this thread died sometime ago, but I couldn't help but wonder how TerryTreks made out on his 82 day camping adventure! I looked for possible followup posts, but didn't find anything.

    Terry - if you're out there, please post a short review of your adventure!

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    Default Good luck.

    Since the OP has not been back to this site since his/her last post, don't hold your breath.


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    hey there!
    I'm going to visit my family close to Miami and thought about going to the Everglades when I'm already there, maybe Key West too! How is it in late October, should I book an accommodation in the NP way ahead or is this time of the year a good time to just go there an get a place to stay?

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    when you know the exact dates I would totally recommend to book a place to stay in advance! It's horrible when you get somewhere and don't have a place to stay!
    It depends a little bit on how much time you have to travel around. If you arrive at the park and then you have to look for accommodation the whole day you lose a lot of quality time in the park!
    The Everglades are beautiful, in October there can still be some small hurricanes as September is hurricane time.. but you definitely should check them out!
    Where in Miami are you staying? I'm from Fort Lauderdale and just curious!

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    Thank you very much for your answer! Yes I don't really know the exact dates now but I think I should figure them out anyways and okay.. maybe I try to go there late October to have better weather as I also want to go hiking etc! My aunt is living in a condo in Pompano Beach. This is just a little bit North of Fort Lauderdale!
    I've been there once when I helped her move but this is already some time ago!
    Thanks for your advice!
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    oh I know Pompano Beach! I love the market there!
    you're welcome and have a nice trip!

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