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    Default Minnesota to Glacier to Banff to Ice fields to Seattle in 2 weeks

    We (4 adults and 4 children - ages 8-13) are traveling via motorhome on a 2 week vacation. We'd like to go through ND to Glacier, then to Banff in Canada. We have all necessary travel documents (i.e. - passports). Looking for advice on places to stay along the way and/or any tips/suggestions.

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    Default Looking for ideas - traveling through ND on I94

    Hello all.

    We are traveling through North Dakota on I 94 on our way from MN to Glacier National Park. We will be traveling in a motor home with kids. Any great places to stop and take a break - maybe camp for a night - or sights to take in?


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    Default A Couple of Resources

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are a wealth of resources on this site, but two in particular deserve your attention at this point in your planning. The first is a representative list of convenient roadside R&R stops that won't cost you much time or money, and the second is a list of about 26 unique venues in each state and province. Both will give you plenty of ideas of what's available to you all along your journey.

    I will note a bit of a warning, however. If this is to be a complete round trip back to the MSP area, then you will have to spend more than half of all your days on the road. Such a pace may prove to be too much, especially for the children.


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    Default Check out US-2.

    I'd agree with AZBuck, that you may be planning on a bit much, especially for the children. Remember, they have to be in seat belts all the time the vehicle is in motion. The back of an RV is not exactly the most comfortable way to travel long distances.

    Furthermore, RV owners and drivers to whom I have spoken in past years and again this year on US-2 through ND and MT all tell me that these days the preferred route is US-2. Through ND it is a divided road the whole way, with very few slow downs, and 65 all the way. In MT it is mostly 70 on a good two lane road. It is also a very scenic route. You will see the truck stops all filled up with RVs on their way to ..... somewhere.

    If by Icefields you mean the Icefields Parkway, then I think you might like to drop going further west to Seattle, and take a different route back to MN. The Icefields Parkway alone could take a of week, but definitely deserves a couple of days. So much to see. So much to do. So many side trips to amazing views, waterfalls and wildlife. As are the rest of the Rockies in the Banff NP.


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