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    Default Family Reunion RoadTrip

    My wife and I took a short fly/drive RoadTrip earlier this month to attend a family reunion in northern New Hampshire, see a bit of French Canada, and explore the Hudson Valley. We flew into Albany, having found a very affordable airfare during a brief sale last fall. After a good night's sleep we drove up through Vermont, stopping to briefly visit Emerald Lake State Park and then have lunch with a nephew and his wife at a great resort with scenic views of the Presidential Range. Over the next couple of days we would be with family, go to some local amusement parks with the kids, and watch a real old-fashioned community 4th of July Parade:

    By the way, that is US-2 under those tractor tires. That major highway across northern New England was closed for about an hour and a half as the parade took place. Think that was included in any computer generated estimates for drives along that road on that day? We also got a great and very close up view of the local fireworks display.

    Next we headed up to Montréal, taking the time to explore both a hidden gem in New Hampshire and an often overlooked area, the Eastern Townships (or Cantons de l'Est) in southeastern Quebéc province. After some navigational and traffic adventures getting into Montréal (The GPS tried to send us over a railroad bridge!) we settled down for a couple of days during which we took a self-designed walking tour of the old city and port which included an exhibit on the Beatles

    It made us feel old enough that this exhibit was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their first visit to Montréal, but did they have to show it in the Museum of Archaeology? The next day we took in a major display at the Montréal Botanical Gardens that included floral sculptures contributed from countries around the world.

    Afterwards we headed back south and after a wait of more than an hour to cross the border, we finally arrived at our last stopping point of the trip, Lake George NY. Here we mostly just rested and walked along the lakefront, but we did take a day and drive up to some old historic forts, Crown Point and Ticonderoga. As it happened the day we were at Fort Ticonderoga was the anniversary of one of its major battles, the Battle of Carillon, and there was a parade by a Fife and Drum Corps to place a wreath at the battle site.

    All that was left, then, was to complete the loop to Albany the next day and fly back to Arizona, another great trip under our belts.

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    Great photos and commentary.

    thanks for sharing!

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    Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!

    The topiary is especially gorgeous. The fact that you got to Ft Ticonderoga in time for a special ceremony was so neat! I also don't blame you for feeling as you did, where they put the Beatles exhibit!


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    Default Ditto.

    Nice to hear you had a good trip Buck, the pictures are all great, but I really love the first capture.


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