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    Default Another road less travelled.

    Quote Originally Posted by Southwest Dave View Post
    She obviously doesn't know you as well as we do! ;-)
    That aside Dave, it leaves me rather sad. How many people are missing out on all this beauty, on these marvelous stretches of road, because the folk at the information centre take it upon themselves to decide that someone 'would not want to drive' a particular route? Surely anyone in such a position should be bound to encourage everyone to enjoy as much of their region as possible. It seemed to me that if you were not going to Yosemite they did not want to waste their time with you.

    The Triangle Road is a dozen miles long (or thereabouts) and is in no way a scary mountain road. It is however narrow and twisting, with incredibly scenic and photogenic spots (for those so inclined) and mostly between 25 and 40mph. The locals obviously use it. But she wanted me to simply turn from 140 onto 49 (which would have been shorter) like most folk do.

    How do these people get their jobs?

    I also wondered what the businesses along the route think of that. There is a little roadside cafe and also a local mini market, among others.


  2. Default Thank you

    Thank you for sharing photos and details from your amazing trip. It was a treat to have an update on places I've visited and learn about so many more places to go.

    From one of your many appreciative readers,

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    Default A final summary.

    Have finally sorted all my paperwork and pulled everything together to summarise my trip. Here in round figures is how it all came out in the washup:

    The Ford - including all expenses for the purchase, registration and insurance including the attorney; as well as all maintenance, repairs and storage... $12500.
    Fuel - consistently got around 15 mpg... $6900
    Airfares, including return flight with grandson... $4900.
    Accommodation - motels, hostels and campgrounds for 45 nights... $1700.

    182 nights were spent:
    70 nights with family and friends.
    22 nights at motels / hostels.
    79 nights sleeping in the van - 38 at truck stops.
    6 nights with couchsurfers.
    4 on the plane and 1 on the train.

    The place of choice to eat became Panera Bread. Not only for the food - soups and salads - but for their wifi. Some days I spent hours there, which would cost about $10 for food. Most will allow me to bring in my electric jug to make a cup of tea.... with boiling water.


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    Default Greek Salad rules

    Panera Bread is a favorite stop for me too. It's a lovely restaurant. I really like their Greek Salad.

    Thanks for the recap -- I've copied the wrap-up to the Trip Research section


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    Default Nice work.

    Thanks for the update Lifey.

    Although there will be the associated costs of owning the vehicle, now it is bought and paid for with legalities out of the way, it should really benefit you on your next 'little' [ha] adventure.


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    Default Memories Flooding Back In...

    Hi Lifey,

    At your suggestion I have started reading this thread. I am only through Page 3 so far, and just up into BC, Canada, but I am enjoying it so much. So many of the places you visited are either places I have lived or those I have visited. In fact, the last few legs from Sidney, NE up to Missoula and the National Bison Range were on our Parks and Sparks trip this past summer.

    I'll continue reading and might post more as I get further into the trip thread. We don't do any camping, but your stories about your experiences do have me fascinated and wondering just how much I miss by not doing at least some camping out. I might try it on my next solo trip.


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