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  1. Default Atlanta to Memphis to Topeka to Denver to Seattle (Denver to Seattle route???)

    Hi. A good friend is moving cross country and we are making this drive the week of March 25. We have about 6 days to do this so much of the time will be driving.
    Any recs on places to stop by quickly? Great places to eat? More scenic routes since we will likely not have too much time to look around.

    I am also interested in suggested routes from Denver to Seattle? I heard going by Yellowstone and Bozeman is nice.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A couple questions - what are you driving for this trip (car, trailer, moving van?) and are Topeka and Denver priority stops?

    Just based on Atlanta to Seattle, I'd actually recommend going up through South Dakota, via Nashville, St. Louis, and Kansas City. Its a bit shorter and flatter than going out to Denver, and has some easy detours like the Badlands and Black Hills to consider. I-90 doesn't go all that close to Yellowstone in Montana (its a good 50 miles north), but it would still be a reasonably scenic drive that stays at a lower elevation than I-70 or I-80.

    If Denver is a priority, then I'd probably continue across Colorado, enjoying that very scenic section of interstate, and possibly spending a little time in Moab, before heading up to Salt Lake City and onto Seattle via I-84. However, this route does go over 10k feet of elevation, and it might not be a great choice if you are pulling a trailer. You also still have the risk of winter weather along every route choice, so you'll have to also be watching the forecasts and factor that into your plans.

    Here's a list of lots of great places to take a break not far off the interstates, no matter which way you go.

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