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  1. Default Road trip from Dallas to Montreal and back to Dallas on spring break

    My wife an I have 10 days to do it. My first goal is speed and make it as quick as possible to Montreal.
    I want to stay few days there and in my way back, I want to stop at New York and strait back home to Dallas.
    What's the best roads?
    How far can I go in my first day?
    Chevy Malibu 09 or Camry 06?
    Can't wait to read your comments.

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    Default Down and Dirty

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Speed can only be your second priority, after safety. That means that you'll need three full days to make the drive up by the most direct all-Interstate route, and that would be I-30 to Little rock, I-40 to Nashville, I-65 to Louisville, I-71 to Cleveland, I-90 (toll) to Syracuse, I-81 to the Canadian border and ON-401 and QC-20 into Montréal. Coming back by way of New York City would add a half day to your drive time, and your routes would be QC-15/I-87 to New York, then I-78 to Harrisburg, I-81 to Knoxville, and retrace your way home via I-40 and I-30. Northbound, reasonable overnights would be Jackson TN and Columbus OH, while coming home and assuming a morning start from New York would put you in Wytheville VA and Memphis.

    I'd go with the car that gives you the best combination of reliability, comfort and mileage (my priorities in that order).


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    Thanks for you quick replay, I saved the itinerary in my map :)
    With both of us driving, I think we can drive to Louissville or little bit before. 600 to 800 mile the first day.
    Have a nice sleep and head north to the borders.
    I might skip New York if I don't have time.
    For the car, the Malibu is way comfortable but I was thinking maybe it's not a good idea to put 3k miles on it.

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    There is a huge difference between driving 600 miles and 800 miles in a day. Even with 2 drivers, 600 is the most you should consider doing over a multi-day trip. Trying to do 800 or even 700 per day will not be safe. You might be able to do it one day, but you will be exhausted for day two and that will impact your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

    Either way you are putting miles on a car, unless you've got a (f)lease with a milage limitation, I'm not sure why putting the miles on one car would be worse than putting them on the other.

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    As said multiple time in this forum, I should not rely in the gps distance. I will then allow three full days for my trip.
    For the car, I was not sure if a Toyota is better than Chevy for long trips. Maybe there is no difference.
    My next question, is about lodging. Do you think it's better to book a room in advance? How about if I don't make it?
    My last question, is still about the car. From where I come from, if you have payment in your car, you need a special authorization from the bank to cross a border. Is is the same for the US/Canada?
    Thanks for your tips, I really appreciate that.

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    A Toyota Camry and a Chevy Malibu are both larger sedans, the only real difference is the brand and the age - and both are relatively new cars. It basically comes down to your own preference. If you were comparing a Chevy Malibu to a Toyota Tundra Pickup, then there would be more to talk about.

    It would not be a bad idea to check with your bank, but I've never gotten anything before driving into Canada. Generally, the loan is marked on the title, not on the registration, which is the document the border guards will be looking at.

    You shouldn't need to prebook motels. This time of year, it would be rather unusual to see all the rooms in a city filled. There are advantages to prebooking, for example some people like to know exactly where they will be at the end of the day, and not have to search for a room after a long day on the road. Others prefer the flexibility to be able to change their plans on the fly without being locked in. You have to decide which is right for you.

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    Great. We are so exited about this trip.
    Thanks for the info.

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    You will need passports to cross the US/Canada border, and it's advisable to get a Canadian insurance card from your automobile insurance company.

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    I can only speak from my personal experience:

    I did similar trip few years ago from Dallas (DFW Airport area) to Toronto at end of November. My Route up to Buffalo was same as suggested by AZBuck. I left Dallas around 8:30 am and by the time I reached Jackson TN, it was already dark and I was getting tired of driving. I think it was just under 550 miles and around 8 pm. I was able to stop at Holiday Inn and took a room without an issue, however I did notice and also was told by the front desk staff that they were pretty full with only couple of room left for the evening. There were other hotels in the area, so if it had been full, I had other options.

    The 2nd day started much earlier, around 4:30 (I thought I was in eastern time zone and thought I was starting at 5:30 am). I drove pass Columbus, OH and stopped for the night in Mansfield, OH. This was just over 550 miles and felt like a really long day. I reached Mansfield just as it had turned dark. I drove to few of the hotels off the highway to see which one looked good and decided to stay @ Hampton Inn. Parking lot seemed empty at this hotel and I was able to negotiate a rate @ front desk. Since I was in early, I had time to go into town for dinner instead of eating at the restaurant off the highway.

    Next day was much shorter, I left around 6:30 am and was in Buffalo before noon.

    Having done this trip, I don't think I would (or have) plan a day where I try to drive more then 550 miles, as it seems that is my limit before I get too tired.

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    Thanks for the info. I will try to hit a max at my first day by leaving early and switching drivers.
    I'm planing my trip on the second week of March, so hopefully the weather will be clement.
    On my way back, I'm planing to stop at NY for a day, so it won't be harder for us.
    I appreciate your input.

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