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    Hi Guys,

    Myself and two friends will be flying over from Australia into LA and driving from there to Chicago (where will then fly to NYC) from late October to the end of November. We will be renting a car between the three of us.

    We were wondering if anyone could offer some thoughts or suggestions about our itinerary which ive listed below. Particularly about any sights / attractions / suggested things to check out along the road or at any of the places?

    Also, if there are any weather conditions that could affect our planned route? and if we should reconsider driving towards the end up to Chicago if the roads are too effected by snow?

    Oct 23 - drive from LA to San Fran over two nights
    Nov 2 - Drive from San Fran to Las Vegas (stopping overnight on the way)
    Nov 7 - Leave vegas and drive to Grand Canyon staying overnight
    Nov 8 - Drive to Santa fe
    Nov 10 - Drive from Santa fe to Roswell
    Nov 11 - driving to Dallas / Austin
    Nov 17 - Drive to New Orleans
    Nov 21 - Drive to Memphis
    Nov 25 - Drive to Nashville
    Nov 28 - Drive to Chicago where we drop off the car.

    Thanks for any help and tips you can offer!

    Nick, Rach and Loz.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think your plan looks like a good start.

    As far as what you've laid out so far, the only area that's got a good chance of having a weather issue would be SF-Vegas. Assuming you go to Yosemite, there is the possibility that Tioga Pass would be closed. It typically closes in late October or November, but you won't know until much closer to your trip. If it is closed, you'll have to go around via Bakersfield, and that could make seeing Death Valley difficult without adding another day.

    I'd also say just in general, it seems like you are kind of racing through the Southwest, but then have some very long stretches of open time once you get to Texas. Perhaps you really like cities, and just want to spend several days in each of those cities you mentioned, but there are a lot of great and interesting parks that you could also spend some time exploring in the four corners region.

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