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    Hello There, I am planing to go to California for the first time 12 days total, We are going to fly to LAX with my boyfriend and spend two days in LA because he's gotta play a table tennis tournament, so we have 10 days to explore California and I am really excited, my points of interest are:
    -Death Valley
    -Red Woods
    -Lake Tahoe
    -Grand Canyon
    -San Francisco
    -Pacific Coast Highway/Big Sur
    It looks a lot for 10 days that's why I need some advice......Thank You

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    Hi klaramarinamiami,

    It not only looks like a lot, I'm sorry to say it is a lot for 10 days because of the mileage involved.

    Los Angeles, up the California coast to SF, Napa & the Redwoods, then over to Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Sequoia, Death Valley, Grand Canyon and then back to Los Angeles you are looking at almost 3,000 miles. That averages out to be around 300 miles a day. You might be able to make it to all these locations in the 10 days, but you won't have time to do much more than a drive by.

    You really need to look at a map to see where everything is located and then decide which are the most important to you. Just to give you an idea, cutting the Redwoods will save you 660 miles.


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    yeap those were my point of interest, but choosing which places and relax I might drive thru the pacific coast to san francisco, yosemite and come back to take the flight home, thanks for the suggestion..,.,

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    Well, cutting it down like that will cut your mileage down to around 1,000 miles and that will be very do able and you will have time to relax!

    Napa was on your list and it's not that far from SF if you decide to add it back. You could even drive though Sequoia on your way from Yosemite to Los Angeles.

    If you want to stay in Yosemite you will need to make reservations. I highly recommend staying in Yosemite Valley because it's a beautiful location. If they are booked, then keep calling till you can get in on a cancellation.


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    Default You can see most of those places.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    The hardest decisions to make is always, what to forego. However, none of us can see it all, and you need to decide between driving to all your chosen destinations to be able to tick them off the list, or going to fewer, and really seeing and enjoying them. Not an easy call.

    You don't say when this trip is taking place, and that could have a bearing on some routes and destinations. And even though you have posted in the 'summer' road trips, I am going to assume that this trip is taking place in the next two months.

    You will still be able to see most of the places on your list without making the trip too rushed. One option is to head straight for the Grand Canyon, onto Death Valley (though LV), Yosemite (over Tioga Pass), San Francisco and then down the coast along the PCH. This comes in at under 2000 miles, and would allow you to spend some time in the great national parks. Of course, you could head from Yosemite direct to the Carmel on the coast.

    Another option is to leave out the Grand Canyon, and head straight for Death Valley, via Pahrump, and then continue as above.

    Spend a little time with the trip planning tools and the map center on the green bar above, and see which you prefer. There are Redwoods to be seen just south of SF, and giant Sequoias near the western entrance of Yosemite.

    I would definitely do this trip counter clockwise. That way you will be on the ocean side when driving down the PCH. A lot of time can be wasted having to constantly cross over oncoming traffic when pulling into and out of the many view points and overlooks.

    Bottom line is, whereas this trip would be very rushed by including all of your must sees, by eliminating only a few, you will get to see most and make it a relaxed and enjoyable trip.

    Feel free to come back with more questions, as they arise. There will always be someone here to help.


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