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    Im making an admin toolfor inside a CMS for this map and i would like a small feature where when u right click and press "get longitude and latitude" it will display a small dot on the place u right clicked. Basicly so you can see where your icon will be positioned on the map as soon as u submit the form. Just a small preview.
    Is some kind of feature currently possible?

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    Default Sorry, not sure I understand

    I'm sorry I don't understand the question. The lat and longitude is already displayed anytime you create a Custom Place. If you click on the map anywhere in the world to add a custom placed and then scroll down the form the lat ant lon is provided there.

    Now if you mean that you would obtain a preview that shows a continous display of lat/lon as you move your cursor along any route, how would that be helpful? Actually, I think there are mapping sites that do that -- but the form of presenting a lat and longitude is actually not consistent with most mapping applications and we've found it to be unhelpful for 99% of users.

    Please explain, again what you're seeking....



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    I want to this:
    Basic "directions to/from this custom place" feature: If I'm on the road, at one of my custom places, and I'd like to see the suggested route to another place, it'd be most convenient to use your site to build a (temporary) route based on the places.

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