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  1. Default Planning on Traveling From San Fransisco to Columbus Ohio via the 80hwy, 50hwy or 70

    I'm moving from San Fransisco to Columbus Ohio in a few days and I will be driving there . Would probably be leaving on Tuesday the 3rd of Jan 2011. I know the conditions involve snow. I will be traveling with family and would like to know if any of you knows which way is the safest way. Will be our first road trip/moving trip and since we have our car packed with clothes and personal belongings, the car will be a bit heavy. I would like to know tips on road trip/ road conditions/ safety/ best way and safer way to get there? If anyone can help with advise, I would greatly appreciate it.


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    What you will need to do is check the specific road conditions and weather just before you leave to determine the best way to go.

    The fastest and most direct way - again, conditions permitting, is I-80 to Davenport IA, then I-74 to Indy, then I-70 to Columbus. This is 2450 miles and you should allow at least 5 days. You might be able to make it in 4 days, but please do not plan on it.

    If I-80 is in bad shape, the "southern" route is only about 100 miles longer - but it's not immune to winter driving issues either. That would be I-5 to CA-46 to CA-99 to Bakersfield, then CA-58 to I-40 to I-44 to I-70.

    If you were leaving right now, the southern route would be the only way to go - I-80 is closed across most of Wyoming due to the storm that just went through.

    EDIT: The southern route is bad right now too - 26 inches of snow in Flagstaff.
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