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    I hope someone can help us. When my husband comes back from his current deployment we plan on taking about 2 weeks to make the trip from Chicago to Seattle and stopping at all of the fun and interesting spots on the way. I was hoping everyone woud have suggestions besides Wall Drug and Mount Rushmore. Anything you can think of woud help because we will have enough time to do almost everything. So any suggestions?

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    There is certainly no shortage of 'fun' things to do all along I-90 but a few others you should be looking at on or near that highway include the Circus Museum in Baraboo, WL; the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD; a host of venues in western South Dakota including Badlands National Park, Wind and Jewel Caves, and the Crazy Horse Monument; Devils Tower in northwestern Wyoming; the Little Bighorn Battlefield just after you enter Montana; Yellowstone, of course; any of a number of scenic byways in northern Idaho; the Palouse in western Washington (You'll recognize it from your computer startup screen); and Mount Ranier. And those are just for starters.


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    It is really quite optimistic to think you could see "everything" there is to see between Chicago and Seattle in just two weeks. Don't get me wrong, its a very nice amount of time and you should be able to enjoy yourself quite nicely, but you could spend 2 weeks each in the badlands/black hills and Yellowstone and still be just scratching the surface of those magnificent and huge areas. That doesn't even factor in the thousand miles that falls into the rest of the trip.

    In any case, In addition to the places Buck has already mentioned, here are some of my favorites for the first half of your trip, and of course, be sure to check out the roadtrip routes for even more ideas.
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    I guess I should chime in here. I took the road trip across from Sioux Falls, SD to Seattle last year, and then wrote a field trip report about it. I think it will help you to look at that and see all the great things there are if you get off the interstate and use a few side and back roads. click on the link to read my report and get some ideas.

    For Washington State, I also have a road trip that goes in the reverse direction, but you can turn it around like I did and see lots of good things.

    Make sure you document and make your own field trip report.

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