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    Default Seattle to Glacier Nar'l Pk using Selkirk loop

    We're flying in from Hawaii, road tripping from Seattle to Glacier Nat'l Park, not camping this time, but looking for scenic routes. thought to cross Idaho and do Coeur D'Alene scenic bypass, but now wondering if the Selkirk loop into B.C. might be more interesting. any ideas are helpful. mahalo!

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    Default Will there be Fall colors from Seattle to Glacier NP?

    wondering if/where some spectacular Fall colors are, from Seattle to Glacier NP in 2nd week of Sept. I'm coming in from Big Island, Hawaii.
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    If you plan on going into Canada, you need passports and permission from the car rental company.

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    Default Great Area, Great Time of Year

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are a ton of scenic routes throughout Idaho. Also, for some ideas of sights in the Palouse of western Washington, check here. I've driven some of the roads of the Selkirk Loop and you're in for a treat if you can do it. Just make sure that your rental contract allows you to take the car across the border, and that you have your passport in order. Finally, the best general source for information of colors throughout the US forests is, naturally, the US Forest Service, but anywhere there are hardwoods and Autumn, they'll be fall colors.


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    I appreciate you mentioning that. We're getting passorts today, just in case. But hadn't thought of running it by the rental car people, but obviously need to. Have you been on the Selkirk loop before? We're going to check it out further. I love this site!!
    mahalo again

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    Wow! love your insight and thanks plenty for the cool links.We're going to check it all out further. SO MUCH FUN! It's very good of you to comment as you did, sooo appreciate it!

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