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  1. Default Not using any interstate highways

    We're on a roadtrip in the motorhome from Kingston, Ontario, Canada to Fort Myers Florida. Currently in Myrtle Beach SC, and we did a fair bit of driving on the Interstate to get here quickly and get away from the cold! Now that it's warmed up a bit, we're going to drive in the motorhome from Myrtle Beach SC to Fort Myers FLA without using any interstate highways. We find the Interstate highways to be boring!

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    If you expect something to be "boring" (a word at which we cringe around here), then that's exactly what you will find. As to your post, did you have a specific question which you wanted to ask?

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    Nope, I was just making conversation. And yes, we find the Interstate highways boring!

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    Default that's a you problem

    There are tons of great things you can find traveling on the interstate. It is a different experience than traveling on 2 lane highways, but different does not mean bad. If you're so close minded that you just assume there is nothing interesting there, then yes, they will be boring to you, but you'd have no one to blame but yourself for that opinion.

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    Default Maybe not boring, just not good.

    I'm mostly with the OP on this one, though I understand the responses. I would rather walk than drive on the Interstate, but that's because I really don't see the point in going that fast, but there ARE good things to be found on the freeways--they are called "Exits."

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Actually, I really don't think you understand the responses. If you did, you wouldn't have the knee-jerk reaction that you'd rather walk than take the freeway. There are plenty of great things you can see on freeways that you can't see going any other way. For example - you'd never be able to enjoy a trip across the San Rafael Swell!

    Of course, if you just assume that an interstate will be boring or "not good", that's exactly what you'll find. That's also a great reason to remember one of the founding principals of this website: Remember, if something looks boring on the road - look again!

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