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    Default April sometime, Utah to Vermont....have a read more inside!!!!

    Hey all!!! Where to start, well basically I am from England and I am working in Utah right now in PC. I am going to be driving aaaallll the way to vermont, a nice 2500 mile journey. So this is where it begins...go to google maps and click on get directions from park city, UT to Vergennes, VT and you will see the general route i will be taking.

    If anyone wants to ride or be picked up anywhere along the way, I can drop you off anywhere you really need to go as long as it doesnt deviate too far off my path you see on the map.

    I need people to ride along, share the gas really, and have a good time. Be it guys or gals any company is welcome. I plan on sleeping in my SUV so no hotels or motels necessary and it will be good for 2 people comfortably or 4-5 squished in.

    I dont know if i can afford the gas myself, hopefully if there are no takers then I will be able to, but would like to spend about 7-14 days getting there, maybe longer if enough gas money and see a few sights. I could of flew there but I am here to see the country not fly over it.

    I think I will be leaving sometime around the 15th April, but if needed to leave earlier or a bit later I can compromise dates no worries. I am an easy going guy and believe in no stress or hassle.

    So get in touch with me people and we will talk from there.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this anyhow!!!

    One love people

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    Default Where to park

    Where are you going to park the SUV, to sleep in it? A very important consideration, as in many places you will find it is illegal, and the best way to get some attention, is to be seen parking for hours after sunset. And some of the attention may not be what you desire.

    May I recommend truck stops / travel plazas. There is actually a publication which lists the truck stops where RVs are welcomed. They have a special area for you to park, and with the sites operating 24 hrs security is ever present.

    With the seats removed and a comfortable sleeping surface (thermarest, air-mattress, etc.) sleeping in the SUV can be very comfortable. In April you will also want warm bedding or a sleeping bag.

    Good luck with finding a travel companion.


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