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    Default Article: Defensive Driving Rule #17: Know Your Blind Spots!

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    Many years ago when I was young I devised a strategy to deal with blind spot hazard . I would like to share. It sounds complicated, but if you practice again and again it become part of your habit. First, know your surrounding at all time, not some of the time, that requires looking the rear mirrors pretty frequently. Because, like Bob said, situation is fluid. Secondly, always signal intention, don't be lazy. Third, take forever to change a lane, usually 6 seconds, more if needed but you must drive faster than the cars on your intended lane. That way, you leave room for the car that you missed in your blind spot, so he can escape from your stupidity. Also when you are forced to go back to your own lane, the angle would not be so big that would cause a roll over. With these triple insurance, once should be pretty safe when changing lane. This is just one man's opinion.

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