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    I am in the early stages of planning a trip to the Western USA for next summer and was wondering about including Fly Geyser on the itinerary. Has anyone had any luck gaining access? How close can you get to it on the public highway? Any information would be great!


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    Hi Craig,

    I hadn't heard of it before now but after a search and following a link to you-tube footage, it looks pretty cool. I found this link with info that eventually leads you here.
    It would appear you need permission to get up close and personal as it is on private, secure land, but is also visible from the roadside at some place.

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    Thanks Dave for the links. I've been looking extensively on the net in the past couple of days but read all sorts of information saying yes, mail this guy and you'll be given access, no you'll never get in or maybe you should try the 'friends' and they might be able to get access when the owner is on holiday and the caretaker is making a brew... I've mailed the friends but have yet to receive anything back so was just wondering out loud if anyone here had been granted access or if they were aware how close you could get whilst staying on the public highway



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