We are looking into ways to make accessing the forums from the road more efficient. Here is a memo that Moderator Judy sent to get this ball rolling:
I just know that I am not a good sit-and-wait type person so I will often surf the web when I'm out-and-about and waiting for something/somebody. I would visit RTA when I'm doing that if the threads would load. I can't help but wonder if you're missing out on an increasing percentage of web-users by not having something they can access via phone.

This is new to me, just got it in the last couple of months, but I think we're to the point where people can travel without a laptop and still stay connected. It would be useful to be able to visit the site when on-the-road.
I know that some of the development engineers who work on this platform use mobile devices to reach their forums and I would love some feedback from you about what your experience has been with the Great American RoadTrip Forum!