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  1. Default Seattle to Houston via yellowstone, mt rushmore, carlsbad caverns and the Alamo.

    Hello all, Im new here to this forum so Im still trying to get used to stuff here. Anyways, I'm moving from my place near Seattle to go to college in texas. Mom is going with me and we decided we were going to make it a mini-vacation. We will be leaving seattle in mid august, never to return.. err... drive back that is... for about 4 years.

    So far we plan on taking I-90 to montana then taking state routes of butte or livingston to yellowstone.

    Then we will go from yellowstone to mt rushmore via wyoming route 14/16 and I-90.

    From mt rushmore we will go to Carsbad Caverns, New Mexico via I-25 through Denver. We might plan on staying at a relatives house near colorado springs.

    From there we will take I-10 to San Antonio to visit the Alamo, then take the final leg to houston on day 6,7 or 8. We dont want to spend to much time in san antonio for some reason.

    We think we probably have enough "country" stuff/ destinations and want ideas of things to do in Denver or Colorado Springs. Possibly Roswell, Albequerque, Sante Fe, Cheyenne, WY, or Montana. More "city"/ Sight seeing kind of stuff.

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    Default Some Ideas Off the top of My Head

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Everybody's tastes are a bit different, of course, but here are a few of the spots I've enjoyed in some of the cities on your route. Denver: the Molly Brown House, and the Mint (you'll need to contact your Congressman for tickets); Colorado Springs: Garden of the Gods and the Air Force Academy; Taos: Taos Pueblo and the Kit Carson Home; Santa Fe: Palace of the Governors and art shops.


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    Thanks for your response. I read a bit about each place. The mint may or may not be an option, depending on time constraints. I did however find the 16th st mall in downtown Denver, I think it is. It seems like its a tourist hotspot. Unfortunately Albequerque is too far from our route. We figure that by day 4 of our trip we will be ready to get to houston. Not too much into museums, more into downtown toursity kind of stuff. I.E. in Seattle, the Seattle Center, Space Needle, Pike Place Market, those kind of tourist things. We will probably end up in Denver late lunchtime, 3-4 ish, so we're probably not going to want to spend to much time there, after 6-8 hours of driving so far that day. Thanks for the suggestions though. I definately keep researching.

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    Default Timing concerns

    Your trip is about 3000 miles. We generally recommend people drive about 550 miles per day, max. So you're going to need 6 days just to drive this comfortably. This does not count time for doing any sight-seeing along the way. So, really, you won't really have much time to see the things already on your list, much less add anything more.

    I'm not saying it won't be a great trip but I hope you can squeeze out a few extra days so you can really enjoy it, instead of just zipping from one place to another. Without extra days, I hesitate to make recommendations for stops.

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